Connecting People – Kokatat And Werner Generosity.

We’ve had the good pleasure to work with some great folks on our overseas trips. There are a lot of people involved that make them possible and run so well. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with some great manufacturers here in the U.S., relationships that go back almost three decades; Kokatat and Werner being a couple of them.

We first traveled to Bhutan to paddle and explore in 2006. Each year we have returned since then we leave behind some of our personal gear for the local guides that work with us. A few of our guests have done the same.  Admittedly the gear we all leave behind has seen some use so the idea of new or near-new gear to them is a pretty rare thing.

Thanks to Kokatat and Werner paddles we’ve been able to take over care packages of newer paddle tops and paddles and we just want to say hats off to these two companies for their generosity. We can’t take credit for their generosity but we’ll hang onto the memory of the smiles on the guides’ faces when they received the gear.

Nepali raft and kayak guide Kali Gurung has been guiding for over fifteen years and has been instrumental in the training of other guides in Bhutan. This is probably his first “new” paddle.
We first met Thinley in 2008 and we’ve watched his abilities grow as the size of his paddle blades shrank. He plans to keep his beater in service while he saves his new one “for special trips like when I work with you guys”.

Photos and content ©DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking all rights reserved.

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