Bhutan Class III Kayaking And Cultural Tour


Kuzusambo la!

Bhutan! It is often referred to as a magical Kingdom. Here are two examples of what just happens there.

Before the first trip began, Phil and I were meeting with Yougs, our good friend and outfitter in Bhutan, for lunch in our hotel restaurant. Suddenly he is bolt upright -on his feet like a soldier, then does a deep bow. We rise and turn to see a top Minister walking briskly toward him, greeting Yougs with kind words and questions as he takes his hand. We bumble into a bow, and he shakes our hands and welcomes us to the country. He then strides past, teenage kids in tow, and sits to eat at the next table. Bhutan Day One: Lunch with the Minister.

And here is a story that the first group recounted when we met them at the airport. Upon arriving in country, the Druk Air flight from Bangkok taxied to the area to deplane. There was a short delay as all were held onboard. From the window the group could see the red carpet being rolled out. And then, from business class, the Queen Mother and her entourage deplaned to the adoring smiles and bows of her loving citizens! Bhutan Arrival: Flight with the Queen Mother.

Due to the size and small population of Bhutan, it seems we are always “happening upon” some spontaneous event or innocent interaction that give us uncensored insight into the culture. However, the country is changing. We encourage you to join us -sooner than later, to experience the genuine sincerity and heartfelt encounters that occur frequently in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. We’ve got some great programs in mind for 2013. Check back here and on our website for updates.

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