Fall- Where Have We Been, What Are We Up To.

It’s been a busy August and September for us with loads of travel and fun trips starting with the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.  There we ran one trip a week for three weeks, with each one being four days in length. Superb weather and clear skies gave us great viewing of the Perseid meteor showers each night. Groups ranged from kids and families doing their first ever river trip, to seasoned paddlers who use the Rogue as a chance to relax or work on their skills. The salmon were starting to work their way upstream and by the last trip we were able to watch them try their hand (fin) at jumping Rainie Falls.  Blackberries were also ripe and they, along with the salmon, coaxed the black bears out of the woods, down closer to the river giving us a chance to watch them forage. We came off the Rogue energized by the groups and ready for our next adventure on the Grand Canyon.

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We had a 24 hour turn around at home giving us just enough time to change out gear and do laundry before starting the long drive to Marble Canyon, the put in for the Grand.  Vehicle_Nevada

Pushing off from Lee’s Ferry on August 29th our group of 18 guests and two supports rafts paddled on green water for the first three days.  It had been an unusually long monsoon season over the summer and we ended up getting a touch of rain here and there that eventually turned the river brown.  At one camp we watched a heavy thunder storm in the far-off distance create a waterfall off the top of the rim right before our eyes.  Besides running the many challenging rapids we took time out to explore many of the side canyons such as Stone, Saddle, Nankoweap and an amazing hike to the top of a formation called the Tabernacle that yielded amazing views of the rim, river and canyon.



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After the canyon we had intentions of visiting Bryce National Park. To get there we found ourselves driving along scenic hwy 12.  One incredible view after another lured us down the road past the park entrance until we found ourselves in Escalante- Grand Staircase National Monument.  What we saw blew us away and a two day visit turned into a week.  So much for Bryce. We spent our nights sleeping out under the stars and our days exploring some of the numerous washes and slot canyons that crisscross the area. We know we’ll be back.


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