Good Times On The Middle Fork Of The Salmon – Round One

Nothing brings a group of people together like a river trip and our June 25th-30th Middle Fork adventure didn’t disappoint. The Middle Fork also didn’t disappoint when it came to showing us all a good time. We were an eclectic group from as far away as Washington D.C., Texas, Washington State, Colorado and California. Rafters, kayakers, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, young and young at heart. It was a super group of folks!

kayaker_wave_face shot
Mike M. gets a face full in Marble rapid on day three.

Once again we had great support form the crew at ECHO. We were fortunate to have Colleen and Dewi back yet again along with Hata driving the big old sweep boat with the help of  Nathan. In charge of the big picture was Tate who did a great job. Tessa- if you are reading this you were missed. Chris Lewis of Flagstaff was our third kayak guide. We met him when he and his dad came on one of our trips a few years back and we were immediately impressed with his heads up river smarts and paddling skills.

Kayak guide Chris Lewis shows some great form while making an agressive cut-back on the wave at Marble Rapid.

Rafters Laurie and Bill get their turn at Marble.
Dinner in the making. Hata Hill on grill and dutch oven.
Tristan parting the waters at Marble Rapid.
A colorful sight during a lunch break.
Trevor investigates whether or not it is possible to loop an Axiom.
Tandem surf at Cutthroat Cove.
Can you tell  Mary likes her job.
Serving up some hearty chow after a full day of river running.
Dave putting his boat through it’s paces on one of the high speed waves at Cutthroat Cove.
Bryan lining up for a surf.
Some of the guides either just found religion or are trying to catch some chicken that flew overheard. I’m going with the chicken.

A big thanks goes out to all the folks who came and made this such a great trip.  A special thanks goes to Bruce Furrer of Werner paddles who finally broke away from his desk or whatever it is he does that keeps him away from paddling with us. He and his better half, Laurie, were put on the spot when the last night’s game of “toss some rocks into some empty camp chairs” turned from total chaos into and organized event with the grand prize being a Werner paddle of your choice.  Trevor laid out a challenging course of chairs oriented in different positions.  The rules were simple; you were not allowed to throw rocks larger than you were willing to swallow whole (some folks were getting a little carried away with the sizes they were using), you had to land a stone in the seat of the chair in numbered sequence, and you had to call the number of the chair as you landed it. In the end it was Naula who completed the course first. Watching her celebration dance made it all worthwhile.

Head honcho, Bruce Furrer, of Werner paddles does a little product testing.
The last night’s rock toss underway.
Mother and daughter celebrate mom’s win.
Kurt looking smooth crashing a wave on day two.
Thanks gang for a wonderful and fun trip!

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