Geeking Out On The Middle Fork Salmon.

This year’s heavy snow pack and protracted cold weather in spring made for some interesting and sometimes stressful moments leading up to our first Middle Fork Salmon trip in Idaho at the end of June. We had genuine concerns the flow would be too high. In the process of trying to guestimate what our water levels might be and what action to take I ran across some interesting websites that helped confuse in making some of the decisions we did.

Ignore the values indicated on the graph above- let me interpret. The red line is growing frustration, the faint red line is hope, the dark green line is my level of understanding over time.  The dark blue is the actual flow and the light blue is my blood pressure as I viewed the flows at least ten times a day hoping I could will it into some other behavior.The dashed line is fading optimism.

Stanley Idaho webcam.

In the end, remaining snow pack, water content, weather forecasts and the abilities of our group would all play a role in making our final decision.To be contiunued…………….