Ecuador Kayaking: Feb. 6-14 class IV+. No Rest For The Weary.

Mary DeRiemer_Cosanga_Ecuador_kayaking
Mary shows the way at "Random Acts" on the Rio Cosnaga.

Let’s call this a hasty post:

After many years of cajoling we finally got our good friend Dave to come down and join us in Ecuador. He, in turn, brought his friend Lance, now living in Hong Kong. If we were handing out awards, Lance would win the one for the furthest distance traveled. Lance was also in Bhutan with us in 2008 where he won the award for the least distance traveled. Another dynamic duo, this time from Southern California, were Randy and George. Mary knew George from a time when they both used to work for N.O.C. in N.C. We knew Randy from the instructor training he did with Mary on our local river back home.  Bob, who always likes to be different, traveled alone and still boats a C-1, he was here for his 8th(?) time and won the award for paddling more Ecuadorian river miles in a plastic C-1 than anyone. Last, but not least, is Chris, also traveling alone. He wins the award for getting on my good side by bringing me some really nice chocolate for my birthday. Thoughtful fellow that Chris.

American Whitewater's Dave Steindorf catching air on his way into "Slideways" on the Rio Misahualli.

In seven days we got in lots of class IV+ classics between the Quijos and Tena areas.  How do you know when you’ve had a good vacation? You need another vacation just to rest up from your vacation.

Kayaker on the Upper Misahualli near Archidona, Ecuador
George P. negotiates a rapid just above Archidona on the Upper Misaualli.
Dave Steindorf of American Whitewater and Matt Terry of Ecuadorian Rivers Institute.
Dave Steindorf of American Whitewater and Matt Terry of Ecuadorian Rivers Institute compare flow data.
These guys love there job! Ciro and Julio prep a load for the drive up to the put in for the Rio Piatua.
C-1, Paddler_Rio_Piatua_Ecuador
C-1 sightings are rarer than an Andean Cock of the Rock. Bob B. boofs on the Piatua.
Just twenty steps from the edge of the river and you're in jungle.
Randy J. showing us all how it's done on "Aphrodisia".
Christ H. in one of the many rapids of the Rio Piatua.
Lance Z. tired and happy all at the same time.
A road worker applies heat to a barrel of tar to soften it. Moments after this shot was taken the barrel caught on fire- go figure.
Mary and the boys after a great run on the Rio Oyacachi.

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