Ecuador Kayaking: Feb.13-21 Carnival & Class III+/IV-

This was our last trip of the season and it started in the middle of Carnival weekend. Carnival is big enough down here that they take four days off to celebrate and spend the next two Saturdays making up for the lost work time. Water is a big part of Carnival, the coastal beaches are usually packed and it’s customary to try to douse unsuspecting victims with balloons or buckets filled with water.

Tori tries to fend off a boarding party on the Rio Jatunyacu.

Since we’re dressed to get wet most of the day and we don’t see anyone while we’re on the water, it’s not a big deal but it can put you on your toes while walking about town. I’m always listening for the sound of footsteps running up behind me or on the lookout for a wet spot on the pavement below a two story building.

View from the hotel window in Tena.

We had a nice small group of paddlers from our area back home in California.  Thanks Joanne, Andy and Tori for a great week- see you back home.

One for the photo album- Joanne grabs a shot of Andy on the Rio Hollin.
Driving out from the take out on the lower Quijos.
Girl_wading_river _Misahualli
Just when you think you're running some tricky whitewater a high school student sprints across in front of you.
Here's a shot of the wide variety of beers available to you in Ecuador.
Thanks for another great season Mary.

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