Ecuador Kayaking Class IV: The Trip That Laughed

Group of kayakers in Ecuador.
The gang.

If you’re a kayaker reading this post, you know how quickly this sport can bring a group of people together.  This week was a shining example of that positive synergy. Laughter, camaraderie and some friendly ribbing were common place, as well as some really interesting conversations. Guys and gals were equally represented and their boating skills were solid throughout.

Kayaker boofing, Ecuador
Ann P. boofing in the third person (a little inside joke).

Compared to previous weeks, this one was wetter. That was good, the rivers could use it and the group could handle it. I think I’ll let the photos do the talking on this post. You can also check out a trip report from Geoff J. on his site for more about the trip and some of the exploring he did afterwards. Thanks to Merida, Ann, Annie, Arn, Dave and Geoff for a great week!

Kayakers taking a break, Ecuador
Taking a break on the Lower Cosanga.
Kayakers, Rio Hollin, Ecuador.
Paddling out on the Rio Hollin.
Low water on the Upper Misahualli often finds local people looking for fish.
Kayaker boof Rio Jondachi, Ecuador.
Annie B. gets her boof, Rio Jondachi.
Kayaker, Rio Jondachi, Ecuador.
Geoff J. cruising on the Rio Jondachi.
Tropical leaf pattern
Yes, they're real. Photo courtesy Merida S.
Kayaker and Jungle wall, Rio Jondachi, Ecuador.
It's a jungle out there.
Kayaker on Rio Piatua
Dave R. between a rock and a hard place on the Rio Piatua.
Truck with kayaks.
Heading home at the end of the day, Rio Piatua.

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