Ecuador- Check, Check, Check.

Rickie Alzamora on the Rio Piatua.

We are now in Ecuador ready and waiting to start our season with our first trip on December 25th.  Phil had a marathon 8 days of paddling this past week in the Quijos and Tena areas checking for changes on all of the various runs with our good friend Rickie Alzamora. They even dragged Ecuadorian River Institute director Matt Terry out of his office for a few days. Mary focused on lining up logistics so things are ready to go.

Matt Terry and Rickie Alzamora between rapids on the Middle Jondachi.

Water levels are currently low, but rain is always just around the corner.  Despite the low flows, the rivers remain remarkably runnable and fun!

Matt Terry in a long boat ready for a retro day on the Rio Misahualli.

Hope to see you down here, enjoy the holidays and the New Year.

Phil and Mary.

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