Join Us For Kayaking In Bhutan, Fall 2010.

We are planning two trips in Bhutan in the Fall of 2010; a Class II-III and a Class III-IV+. Because resources for tourists are limited, we need to confirm our lodging reservations for these trips well in advance. The minimum number of paddlers for each skill level is eight. If you are interested,  email us for reservation information . Click here for more details.

This remote and benevolent country is surrounded on three sides by India, and to the north by Tibet. The Bhutanese refer to their country as Druk Yul, which translates to The Land of the Thunder Dragon. Few visitors ever make it into Bhutan and so these people are often more curious about us than we are about them. It is quickly apparent that the fun-loving Bhutanese live out their philosophy of “gross national happiness”, which they consider to be an indicator of their wealth!


In October and November of 2008,  two groups of paddlers joined us in Bhutan for our Kayak & Cultural Tours. On both trips we loaded buses and trucks with kayaks and people, and paddled and toured as we worked our way east. On the Class II/III trip we traveled as far east as Jakar in the Bumthang district, and on the Class III/IV+ trip we traveled east and south to paddle the Mangde Chu. Along the way we took time to hike, tour villages, temples and ancient monasteries, participate in ceremonial dances, and of course, to paddle Bhutan’s stunningly, pristine rivers.

The kids, the dances, the architecture, the monks, the attitude; the whole culture blew us away! The foreign and exotic became intimate due to English being the second language for many Bhutanese. We had crisp, sunny fall days and cold nights. The harvest of rice, buckwheat and apples was underway, and so, weekly, the landscape changed dramatically. Throughout our stay, we got to interact with the warm and friendly people of Bhutan. And we can’t wait to do it again.

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