Rogue River -Living Up To It’s Rep.

Running the fish ladder at Rainie Falls.
Running the fish ladder at Rainie Falls. Photo courtesy of RRJ.

In mid to late August we ran two trips on Southern Oregon’s Rogue River.  We’ve long touted this as a great introduction to multi-day river trips and it didn’t disappoint.  Looking back through the photos I am reminded of the incredible weather we had with clear, blue sunny skies. It is so typical of the Rogue that time of year.

The sun rises warms camp druing breakfast day two.
Enjoying breakfast and the warmth of the sun.

We had a lot of Rogue veterans return for the first trip, proving that this river has something for everyone.  We got to reconnect with Doug H. and his two, now adult, boys Trevor and Brett- what a solid paddling family.  Our long time friend Steve F., another solid class IV boater (who we’re used to seeing in Ecuador) used it as a chance to forget about work and spend some much overdue time in his kayak. Sheri M., Hubby Bill H. and Sherri’s son Marc and his wife Angela used the trip as their summertime, family get-together.

Sound advice from the back of Jonathans T Shirt.
Sound advice from the back of Jonathan's T-Shirt.

Howard D. was there with his young son Johnathan. Don’t show him the guide book, he’ll memorize it and give you the blow by blow on rapids. Lynne A. and Lynne V. came from Texas, mixing things up with hardshell and inflatable kayak skills.  Bird L., on the fast track, pulled off a highly successful trip with a grand total of  7  river-days under her belt (don’t try this at home)- that’s just not fair! She’s been picking up some good skills from partner Mark, a verteran kayaker. Mary K. and Richard brought a boat-load of good, positive energy. Doug S. used the river as a stepping stone to further his whitewater paddling before heading back to Hawaii.

Kayaks and the view from camp at the end of day one.
Kayaks and the view from camp at the end of day one.

A big treat for us was having our godson Hayden S. join us on the river- all the way from North Carolina.  Zeroing in on his last year at high school we knew it would be hard to get this opportunity with him again.  Rogue River Journeys provided a stellar crew with their usual first-class support and great food.  A special thanks to J.R., our third kayak guide.  His knowledge of the Rogue and smooth style were greatly appreciated.

A Balck checks to see what's cookin.
A black bear checks in to see what's cookin'.
This fine bottle of Carbernet makes Katryns hair stand on end.
Katherine, one of the great raft guides from RRJ, goes big!
What happens on the riverr, stays on the river- including hair color.
What happens on the river, stays on the river- that's the hope anyway.
The gang on our August 12-15 trip
The gang on our August 12-15 trip

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