Ecuador- Feb. 7- 15 class IV- The trip that did (almost) everything.

This group was game to sample as much as they could of the areas where we travel , both on and off the river.

Kristy M., Doug N., Mary D., Chris E. and Steve F.

Ecuador_cold _beer_smiling
Manuel, the man behind the coldest beer in Ecuador.

Borja to Sala Onda, Bom Bon to Salado, Sardinas to Oyacachi, Manduyacu to Santo Domingo, La Sarena to Puerto Napo, Cotundo to Archidona and Linares to Oyacachi. Rios Quijos, Jondachi, Hollin, Misahualli and Jatunyacu. Seven days of paddling, 4 different rivers and 6 different stretches.

Full flow on this waterfall along the Jondachi means more water downstream when we reach the Hollin.
Loading boats after another great day of paddling.
Storm clouds loom in the background as Doug N. takes a "leg break" on the Upper Misahualli

That was just the kayaking. Throw in a visit to Cascada San Rafael, the cascada on the Rio Malo, a chance to catch up with Pepe at his new butterfly facility along the Rio Napo (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), an attempt to see the last night of festivities in Tena, and a late night stroll through old town Quito.

Kristy and our driver Edmundo at the waterfall on the Rio Malo.
Leaf detail along the trail to Cascada San Rafael.
Pepe talks enthusiastically about butterflies and other insects at his new facility near Pt Napo.
Owl-eye butterflies getting a clsoer look at each other.
Owl-eye butterflies getting a clsoer look at each other.

Steve F. of CA. was back for what must be his 10th trip with us in Ecuador, Idahoan Doug N. has been here numerous times, both as a guest and paddling on his own with friends. Kristie M., with whom we have had the pleasure of paddling with on the Grand and the Middle Fork, took time out from triathlons and tele skiing in her home state of Montana to come down, as did Chris E. of D.C. who was just with us on the Rogue last fall.

The party from the week before was coming to an end our last night in Tena. Despite the group's best intentions, fatigue from the day's activities took over and we couldn't last long enough to experience the live music and dancing.
Enjoying a night time walk along La Rhonda in a revitalized section of old town Quito.
A street in old town Quito at night.
Father and son walk the oil pipeline that orginates deep in the jungles of eastern Ecuador.

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