Ecuador January 19-27 Class IV-

Where would you rather be in January? Kayaking in Ecuador – or fighting the cold weather in Detroit? Ann and Mel traded in the chill factor for the fun factor last week as they opted to join us in Ecuador!
Ann and Mel take out.
At the other end of the U.S. weather spectrum, Steve and Doug from Southern Cal were amazed with the great variety of rivers we ran! Craig from Colorado was back in Ecuador for his second DAK trip. Mike W. of Salt Lake and Mark B. of California signed on for two in a row, using this week to warm-up for the following Class IV trip!

Craig with sugar cane press.
Chaco cyn panoramic.
Local men on Jondachi.
Fauna quiz of the week:
Which of the below pictures is the spider monkey and which is the spider?
Spider Monkey Lower Misahualli.
Tarantula on plant.
-In case you are wondering- you are more likely to find a spider monkey than the tarantula in your room!
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