Ecuador- Jan 5-13 class III+; Newbies And Veterans Unite.

A pleasant start to this trip for us came in the form of a box of handmade truffles brought down by Deb C. of Seattle. Espresso, lemon-rosemary, orange, pure chocolate and mocha were the mouth watering flavors found within the handmade box that contained them. I’d show you a photo of the truffles but they met with an unfortunate feeding frenzy accident.

Truffle box.

The inspirational cover to our box of handmade truffles.

Another treat for us was having Ben T. along. Not only did Ben travel outside of the U.S. for his first time, but he took his first flight ever to get here! Needless to say, he was often wide-eyed during the trip and the group was more than happy to show him the ropes. His enthusiasm reminded us all of the thrill and wonder of being a first-time traveler.

First timer Ben T.

Ben’s grin was never ending.

At the other end of the spectrum was Ben’s good friend Steve F, who claimed the prize for paddling eight seasons with us in Ecuador, followed by Dick S. with six trips here! Rounding out the group were veteran travelers, yet Ecuador first-timers, Deb C. and Arn S.

Having had the privilege of paddling with everyone before on either the Rogue, Middle Fork Salmon, or Ecuador, we counted up a total of twenty-five DAK trips amongst the group members!! Thanks you guys!

Jan 5-13 group.

Deb, Arn, Dick, Ben, Mary, Steve, and Edmundo during the Jan 5-13 class III+ trip.

Steve and Dick used their knowledge and experience to lead the way on many of the sections we paddled. Arn, Deb, and Ben enjoyed discovering the variety of rivers found here. Midweek the group opted for a “rest” day. They paid a visit to Pepe Tapia’s mariposario (butterfly farm), followed by a 40-ft, motorized canoe trip down the Napo River to tour virgin jungle. Pepe always shares a wealth of information during his time with each group.


An enthusiastic and self-taught teacher,

Pepe explains the life cycle of a butterfly from egg to flight.



An example of some of the caterpillars found

in the area around the Rio Napo, Ecuador.


One of many species of butterflies raised by Pepe.

Mud walk.

Deb display great confidence while navigating the trail to the put-in.

Jantuyacu put-in.

A kayaker prepares to put in on the big-water fun of the rio Jantuyacu.

Monkey with bottle.

A monkey with a drinking problem- he uses his eye.

A kayaker pauses near the mouth of a slot canyon.

A kayaker pauses near the mouth of Slot Canyon, a side hike on the Jatunyacu.

Kayakers on the lower Jondachi.

Paddlers enjoy one of the many waterfalls that flow into the lower Jondachi.


Thanks, all, for a wonderful time week! See you next year?


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