Ecuador- The Turkeys Paddle South

Phil the turkeyWe just arrived in Quito, Ecuador having flown on Thanksgiving day with our kayaks waveskis in tow. It wasn’t easy getting the kayaks windsurfers on board the plane this year, even though we had traveled with kayaks hang gliders to Ecuador on this same airline many times before. Times are a changing and I can’t tell you why, but be prepared if you are going anywhere with your kayaks surfboards this winter. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why some airlines will take them and others won’t. Whatever your situation, remember you are representing all kayakers of us to the person(s) at the airlines you are speaking with- stay calm, be nice- in the end that is what helped us.
After a day and a half in Quito getting ourselves settled into our apartment for the next three and a half months, we leave today for a week in the Oriente (the East) to begin scouting the rivers and runs that we’ll be doing with our groups. Despite all of the years we have been kayaking in Ecuador, some of the runs can experience changes from year to year and it is always a good idea to scout for any surprises that might be lurking.

We’ll post more when we get back at the end of the month.