Rogue River August 22-25, 2007

Our August 22-25th trip continued a warming trend that started with the first trip the week before. Combine this hot weather with the warm water typically found at this time of year and you have a great combo that adds up to wanting to play and get wet.

Tyee camp, Rogue River, OR.

Hot days and great camps

Telling a good story.On the water we did our usual thing of splitting into groups so that everybody would get an equal shot at play spots and open lines in the rapids. There is so much good water to work on that we often drag ourselves tired, yet satisfied into camp. Our camps were great making them a good place for folks to relax at the end of the day and tell tall tales about their exploits.

Jeff spins a yarn about his run at Blossum Bar.

There were many Rogue veterans along for this trip. Jim M. of S. CA. was back for what is somewhere around his 16th trip with us! We were really happy to have Francesca and Suzanna from New York, Bill and Sherri, as well as Leslie and Jen were also there. Leslie had just come off the Middle Fork in Idaho with us and wanted to make the Rogue a little more exciting by paddling a much smaller than the one she owned back home.

Missouri Creek camp along the Rogue River, OR.

Jen brought her guitar, beautiful voice and song books (so we could drown out her beautiful voice) which was a nice addition. Greg W. was back for number three and having driven from Michigan, drove the furthest of anyone to get there. Also back were Arn and Deb who did the Rogue for their first time last year with only 5 days of ww kayaking under their belts. Needless to say they had a few scores to settle from last year and with all the paddling they had done in the meantime, they absolutely cleaned the run.

Never too late to try a new river, Forks of Salmon resident Creek Hanauer drove all the way from Forks of Salmon (that’s only three hours folks) to do the Rogue for his first time. Each time we paddled past him we could here him murmuring something about, “Why didn’t I do this twenty seven years ago”. Creek had signed up for the trip to surprise his wife Betty Ann- nice going. So as to avoid having to listen to Creek’s murmurings she brought along our long time friend and one time boss, Kristy Sturges of Otter Bar.

August 15-18, 2007 Rogue group.

Round out the trip with new timers Marc and Angie, Jeff, and Brian and we had one great trip!

Jim and Bill- we’ll see you on the Grand in September!


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