Rogue River August 15-18, 2007

The Rogue is such a good trip for kids and adults alike. That was proven true once again on our trip in mid-August. Our friend Merida brought Connor and Savannah, Phil B. brought his son Jamie, and Ann brought MP and Codey. To try to keep up with the kids we asked local instructor Eric Conklin to join us. His background in play paddling as well as his energy was sure to wear the youngsters out. At the end of the day it was hard to say who was the more tired.

August 15-18, 2007 Rogue group.

While Eric kept the kids (Phil B. being one of them) busy with instruction on play and optional lines in many of the rapids, we adults worked on …….play and optional lines, as well as fine- tuning rolls and other strokes or working on strategies. We just didn’t do everything over and over a gazillion times like the kids.

Kayakers at Rainie Falls.

Kayakers watch for Salmon at Rainie Falls.

Even though we didn’t get to see the salmon jumping at Rainie falls, throughout the trip we did see evidence that they were on their way upstream as demonstrated by their periodic displays of leaping and splashing. We had numerous sightings of Osprey including one that plunged into the water just a few feet off the bow of some of our group’s kayaks. In addition we saw bald eagle, deer, otter, minx, and an adult bear with her cub.

RRJ crew

New for us this year is our relationship with Rogue River Journeys who provides our raft and logistical support. Our long time friends, Joy and Bob of White Water Warehouse, sold off their summer camp permit this past year. Bob and Joy are a tough act to follow due to their attention to detail and friendly on and off the water service. Jim Ritter and the crew at RRJ were a pleasure to work with and the transition from outfitter to another could not have been smoother.

This year also marked the return of a wave on the lower reaches of the river that allowed us to pull people up the eddy and literally place them on the face of the wave for a surf. Phil D. hadn’t seen the wave in almost fifteen years. Those that still had a little energy left at the end of the day took advantage of the surf session and the repeatability allowed them to improve their surfing skills.

Phil B. Surfing on the Rogue.

Phil B. sticks a surf at “surfomatic”

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